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Air compressure
Air compressor is the air source for? blow molding machine, and there are two air compressors for the different demands: high-pressure air compressor and the low-pressure air compressor. Generally we employ the reciprocating type multilevel air compressor that is composed of three pressing cylinders to compress the air to 10~35 bar gradually according to different requirements. The air compressor includes compressor head, motor and air storage tank with safety device, ect. The compressor head is driven to work by motor through V-belt conveyor. Through the air filter settled on the air inlet, the air inhales into the 1st stage cylinder where it is compressed to a certain pressure. After being cooled in the cooler, it flows into the 2nd stage cylinder and the 3rd stage cylinder in turn. Finally we get the air with rated pressure and the air will be stored in the storage tank for use. It is known that for bottle blowing, it needs up to 25~35 bar (for larger bottle, or the faster output. it will need 35 bar), while for the machine motion only around 8 bar is needed.

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