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GW melting furnace series
GW系列熔炼炉(GW melting furnace series)
        1、 用途:主要用于不锈钢、合金钢、碳钢及其它金属的熔炼。
        2、 特点:熔炼速度快、高效节能、烧损率低,溶液纯净。
        3、 小容量熔炼炉外壳采用铝合金材质,结构合理体积小,安装简单,维修方便,维护成本低。
        4、 大容量电炉采用钢结构(有框架结构和圆筒式结构)配有仿形磁轭,磁轭屏蔽可减小漏磁防止炉体发热,提高效率,同时支撑感应圈,达到高强度,低噪音。
        5、 快速熔炼炉,感应圈采用双并联绕制及加长型线圈确保半炉钢水就能保证大功率输出,提高了总体效率,感应圈上下配有冷却水系统,使炉衬温度梯度均匀延长炉衬使用寿命。
        6、 大容量电炉感应圈内壁涂有进口耐高温绝缘材料,且装有漏炉报警装置,防止穿炉。
1、 Applications: Used for melting stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel.
2、 Features: Fast speed of melting, saving energy, less burnt loss, pure molten liquid.
3、 The aluminum frame is adopted to small capacity melting furnace with reasonable structure and small capacity, convenient installation and simple maintenance, low maintenance cost.
4、 The steel structure (frame structure and cylinder structure) is adopted to Large capacity electric furnace which is equipped with magnetic yoke. The yoke will shield and reduce magnet leakage and prevent furnace body from over-heating, thus will improve efficiency and sustain the induction coil at the same time. Such will enhance the strength and reduce noise.
5、 .The induction coils of fast melting furnace are double paralleled winded with prolonged coil to make sure the half capacity of furnace molten liquid can be heated by full load power output which will improve overall efficiency. Cooling system is equipped along with the induction coil prolong the lining life.
6、 The inner wall of induction coil of large capacity electric furnace is cast with imported high temperature resistant insulation material to prevent of furnace lining leakage.

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